Player Profiles

jason tustain 

Jason Tustain - Keeper

  Rob Bradford    
 ed preece Ed Preece    
 steve jarrett Steve Jarrett    
 ben lewis Ben Lewis    
 img_0053 Paul Kay    
martin gardner
Martin Gardner
 img_0435-2 Martin Kay    
 birdy John Bird    
 craig smithy Craig Smith(y)    
 pat haines Pat Haynes    
mike large  Mike Large (Captain) 

Mikey "Pike" Large has been a Deddingtonian through and through for his whole life. A tricky winger, Mike's pace and skill can be devastating on his day - not to mention a sweet right foot. His crossing is what you would expect of decent winger and his desire to do what is best for the team means he can be the unsung hero of the match. Mike consistently plays well, but every now and then he has a game where you turn and say "How good was Mikey that game!?".

He has been unlucky with injuries in the past, yet stayed involved with his beloved club as manager, taking the firsts all the way to the final of the Junior Shield in 2011.

It is good to see him back in kit, on the wing where he belongs!


Mark Cook, Right/Central Defence - 

Cookie is a shimmering example of Deddington's glorified youth system, sometimes compared to Southampton or Napoli. As far as we know, he has played for the colts all of his career before making the jump to men's football last season. From the first training session, it was clear just how good Mark was. He leapt straight into a starting place in the first team and has stayed there ever since. Mark can play anywhere from solid centre back to tricky wing back, giving 100% every game. 

Mark has foiled so many plans of wingers and strikers alike, regardelss of size, pace or skill. Mark is simply a very good defender, and is frequently man of the match for the firsts.

You can usually spot him in the number 6 shirt.

 sam rollason

Sam Rollason -  'Rollers' 

 flash Jordan Kaye - 'Flash'    

Paul Franklin, Central/Left Defence - 

Frankers has been playing for Deddington for donkey's years. He is a nippy defender who has an incredible ability to head the ball despite being one of the shorter players on the pitch. He is just as good as a central defender, but has been playing in wider positions from time to time. His tackling is one of two things... 90% of the time he wins the ball exquisitely. 10% of the time he brings the attacker down to the floor with him! He isn't a dirty player, so either is acceptible!!

Frankers has a good eye for an own goal, having scored at least 5 in the last 3 seasons. However this is just testament to his effort and commitment to get to the ball before the striker.

This passionate lad in the number 3 shirt is a real asset to any

 roan waddelow

Roan Waddellow

 anthony charles

Anthony Charles

 joe thornton

Joe Thornton

craig smith 

 Big Craig Smith